20 Awesome List of Mobile Accessories in India at Low Price

Posted on : 30 January, 2018

List of Mobile Accessories comprise of any hardware, which is not connected to the operating process of a mobile phone or the latest smartphone models that are available.

There are different types of mobile accessories that are available for almost all mobile phones. These accessories are available both in the market stores as well as online. Few List of Mobile Accessories are listed here.


The cases that are designed for attaching, supporting, or otherwise holding the smartphone, are one of the most popular in the List of Mobile Accessories. The measurements of the cases are based on the screen size or the display inches of the mobile phone. There are several types of cases such as holsters, pouches, sleeves, skins, safety straps, bumpers, shells, flip cases, wallets, leather case, etc. Holsters are very commonly used and include rubberized padding. Some of the holsters are made up of plastic material without having exposed rigid corners. The heavy duty cases are designed for protecting the phones from scratches and drops. A standing mobile case is made to keep the phone standing or in the upright position. The folio cases are the combination of a stand and a case that include a keyboard. The skins and the design covers serve the purpose of both protection as well as personalization. These are the results of the ‘naked’ designs made by the manufacturers like Apple, in which the glass and the metal components of the mobile phones are exposed to damage. These are different from the holsters. Some of these cases include a belt or a clip that gives makes it function like a holster. These are made up of rubber, plastic, silicon, or leather. The customized mobile phone cases make the use of custom printing. Different companies print the cases using different techniques. Some use the process of sublimation, some use the inkjet-printed skins, while some use dye-sublimation 3D printing technologies. The functional cases can assimilate external batteries, a Bluetooth, USB, touchpad or Wifi keyboard.

External Batteries And Chargers

The smartphone chargers have undergone the diverse evolution and include plug-in cords, cradles, and the obscure connectors. However, the latest phones use micro-USB. The external batteries can be also included in the cases but can be also attached to the phones via the rubber suction cups.

Photo Accessories

The smart lenses are bigger and are more capable than the camera of the mobile phone, having many other features besides having the optical zoom feature. The mobile phone gets connected to these over the Wifi using the App made for this purpose. These are compatible with most of the latest models. Smart flash is used for taking selfies.

Selfie Stick

The selfie sticks are the hand-held extensible monopods used for moving the mobile phones away out of the reach of the human arms, thus, allowing the camera to take shots at angles that may not have been possible without this accessory.

Smartphone Tripod Mount

A tripod is designed for holding the phone in place on ground when photographs are captured.

Projector and HDMI

Micro-USB to the HDMI cables are used in the smartphones with MHL.

Not only these accessories, but several other accessories are available in the online stores. Exploring the Online Mobile Accessories collection is better if one wants to check out the widest categories of accessories sitting at the comfort of the home.