Five Important Facts About Different Types Of Power Banks.

Posted on : 16 February, 2018

Exploring the online Mobile Accessories Shop is a great idea to buy the best quality yet affordably priced accessories for your mobile sitting at the comfort of your home. Ample of options are there in the online store to choose from. Whatever be the mobile model, accessorize it with the best frills.

With the invention of every new model of power bank, different questions arise in our minds regarding its features, etc. One can explore the online Mobile Accessories Shop to gift your mobile with the premium quality accessories without digging a hole in your pocket. Here, five facts about power banks are explained.

  1. What does the capacity of the power banks tell us?

Power banks are available in diverse shapes, sizes, and the mAh figure of the device speaks about the total capacity of batteries of the devices. This means, the more the mAh of the power bank, the more is the energy of it. For example, iphone 6 plus has the battery capacity of 2915 mAh, so if one desires to charge it fully then the power bank that is going to be used for the purpose should have a larger capacity that the phone.

  1. Are all the power banks capable of charging laptops?

No, all the power banks cannot charge laptops. The reason is almost all the power banks available in the market have only 5V USB output which is not enough to charge the laptops. For charging laptops, a power bank must have 16V to 20V USB output depending on the specifications of the laptops. Only a few power bank models have the ability to charge laptops.

  1. What is the lifespan of a power bank?

Lithium-ion, incorporating lithium-polymer batteries that are used in the power banks and the smartphones ultimately lose the capacities with time. The bigger is the battery, the lesser the number of cycles needed for charging it and the longer will be the lifespan of it. The batteries of the smartphones get discharged everyday which proves that the batteries of these phones have a shorter lifetime than the power banks with larger capacities.

  1. Why few power bank models take longer time to charge?

Most of the power bank models can be recharged with only USB, and based on the power bank’s capacity, it can also take almost forty hours to get fully charged. For quicker charging, one must have a power bank with more than 5V input voltage that normally needs to be charged directly from any wall socket with the AC charger.

  1. What is the fastest way to charge a smartphone besides saving more energy?

Some of the smartphones may automatically download the updates and consume more power when the charger is connected to it. If one really wants to save more energy when the phone is getting charged from the power ban, it will be great if the phone is kept in the flight mode. This will allow charging the battery cell only by using the essential traits on the operating system of the smartphone.

Some of the mobile phone models have a sluggish charging mode in the PC connection and a rapid charging mode in the power supply connection. If one notices the differences in the speed of charging between the PC connection and the AC charger, consider which one of the two speeds is provided by the power bank bought. Be it the online store or the market shop, choose the Best Power Bank for your mobile.