Hitech Recycle

Hitech Recycle

You and Hitech for the Greener Earth

In our continuous effort to ensure betterment of human life, we at Hitech pledged to recycle electronics goods – Mobile phones and accessories that are no longer useful.
“Hitech for the greener earth” program is an initiative towards efficient management of E-waste and raise the awareness in the society. We collect, reuse and recycle electronic products (Mobile & Accessories). So that we can live in a better Earth.
Since inception, Hitech has been developing and dealing with eco friendly products that are less harmful to customers as well as our planet.
Our self regulatory E-waste policy remains committed to comply with India’s E-waste Management and Handling Rules 2011.
As a responsible corporate house we are committed to respect our planet and deliver a better tomorrow for the coming generations.
We urge to drop your any old, non-working Mobile phone and accessories to any of our service center. We are here to create a recycling culture.
Welcome to the greener and healthier earth.
India is the fifth biggest producer of e-waste in the world, discarding 1.7 million tonnes (Mt) of electronic and electrical equipment in 2014, (The ‘Global E-Waste Monitor 2014’, compiled by U.N.’s think tank United Nations University)
According to this report India is just behind the U.S., China, Japan and Germany. And the report has warned that the volume of global e-waste is likely to rise by 21 per cent in next three years.

There are several negative effects of improper recycling and dismantling of old electrical & electronic items.
  • If the material is disposed off in open, then it may cause health risks and damage to environment.
  • Presence of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead etc and other toxic substances may pose risk to health and environment.
  • Batteries contain hazardous elements which may affect the health & environment, if not disposed of properly.


Are all these discarded E waste disposed of properly in India?

Our challenges:

  • Only 9% user recycles their phones today. Lack of awareness on where and how to recycle is the main obstacle.
  • Ensure responsible recycling through the use of recognize third party certified recyclers.
  • Increase collection and recycling for used electronics
  • Increase transparency and accountability through public posting of electronics collection and recycling data
  • Create and sustain general public awareness about E-waste recycle

Our Motto:
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


What all consumer electronics are accepted by us for recycling?
All Hitech branded consumer electronics & items sold in India, ranging from Mobile Phones, Mobile Accessories, Mobile Battery, Charger, audio devices and also other brands of Mobile Phones, Mobile Accessories are accepted for recycling.
What’s the process that Hitech follows?
After accepting E waste, first our team evaluate the possibility of extracting any component for reuse, after completion of the process we dispose it to Govt. of India accredited recycler who do not incinerate, send to solid landfill or export toxic waste (defined in a manner consistent with the commonly accepted definitions of hazardous waste) to anywhere.
This is further enforced by audits and inspections of recycling operations and processes.
Do consumers have to pay for getting their electronics recycled?
Consumers do not have to pay any fee for recycling.
Is there any monitory benefit/discount linked to this take-back and recycling program?
As of now there is no monitory benefit/discount linked to this program. The main benefit of this program is cleaner, safer and greener environment.